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. it shows him with a slight lead over bob ehrlich. >>> despite the rough economy, score one for virginia. a major defense contractor is moving its headquarters from california to the commonwealth. kristin fisher has more from arlington on northrop grumman's big move. >> reporter: both virginia and maryland have been courting northrop grumman since last january when the company announced they wanted to move the headquarters from california to the washington area. yesterday the company announced it had made its decision. northrop grumman will be moving to one of two locations in northern virginia. either a site out at dulles airport or right here in crystal city, which is already home to several defense contractors and of course we can't forget that it is practically next door to the pentagon. here's what the ceo and president of northrop grumman had to say about the move on monday. he said -- northrop grumman is one of the largest defense and global security contractors in the world. they do everything from aerospace, electronics, information system and ship buildings and the biggest clie
12 months for metro. now the governors of maryland and gentleman virginia are teaming up with the mayor of d.c. to personally get metro back on track. >> reporter: the governors of virginia and maryland and the mayor of d.c. spent muscle of an hour discussing metro safety issues and agreeing they want to personally intervene. >> we feel changes must be made. we need to have more ability to have accountability in that system. >> reporter: the board that oversees metro is selected in different ways. in maryland the government appoints the local board members and alternates. in d.c. the mayor appoints half. the city council appoints half. in virginia the governor has no say. local board members are appointed by the various virginia cities and counties that metro runs in. these three executives want more power over the metro board. >> it's time for the governors and the mayor be a little more hands on and we'll be working through either legislative and statutory changes or using the bully pulpit more. >> reporter: they also want in person periodic meetings with metro's interi
in the mountains, western maryland, west virginia into the upper 40s. and in southern virginia, in the upper 50s. and over the last 12 hours, we've seen the circulation in the atmosphere that triggered yesterday's storms, pulling off to our north and east. a little drizzle around this morning. and as the day progresses, we'll have the winds picking up. highs reaching the low 60s. and quite a bit of cloudiness, just the slight chance of a sprinkle early this morning and later on in the afternoon. more sun tomorrow, highs mid 60s. and near 80 by friday. how's the traffic, engineer? >>> the drive along i-95 uncomplicated. but as tom had mentioned, some patches of light rain, mist, coming down. so the roads may be a little slick. but out of dumfries and dale city, accident-free. interstate 270, wet pavement this morning. authorities were checking for an accident in the local lanes, 270 southbound between 78 and montrose road. and watch out, it will be slick this morning. >>> well you'll have a chance this evening to pay your respects to the late civil rights pioneer, dorothy height. she's died last
in prince george's county. watching this light rain, scattered showers moving into virginia out of the carolinas and the tennessee valley. that will be with us time to time throughout the rest of the day, occasional passing light shower, highs reaching the low 60s. but this rain activity should end this evening. then we get sunshine back tomorrow, morning lows in the upper 40s, afternoon highs near 70. then partly cloudy on friday. morning lows mid-40s, afternoon highs again near 70 degrees. as we get into the weekend, looks like we're going to have a wet pattern come in. saturday looks like we could get showers. morning lows in the mid 40, afternoon highs mid-60s. looks like heavier rain may move in sunday. now jerry, how's the traffic on this wednesday morning? >> tom, good morning. we're doing fine. good morning everyone. the drive along 395 quiet so far and at this point appears to be on dry pavement. good news if you're getting ready to hang out. let's go over to maryland and head over to the american legion bridge from the maryland shoreline. right side is the outer loop.
getting started tonight. coming up, a virginia couple under arrest now and charged with animal cruelty in connection with a cockfighting ring. >>> also tonight, fireses are for firefighters. why were police called to this massive house fire in prince george's county. >>> a well-known health organization wants the federal government to wage war on salt. we are coming right back. >>> it is one of the biggest related seizures in the entire state of virginia. tonight a spotsylvania county couple is facing dozen of charges after running a suspected cockfighting breeding farm. they were under investigation since authorities raided their rural home on march 3rd. jane watrel joins us from the newsroom with more on how those animals and neighbors were suffering. jane? >> reporter: jim, it was loud. authorities say that they could have brought 150 charges against the couple but settled for 49 misdemeanor and felony charges apiece. largest seizure of its kinds in the state of virginia. stacks of chicken crates are all that remain of what authorities believed was a cockfighting breeding farm. alic
at the virginia metro station. it's quiet. a lot of people jog in this area. it's 51 degrees. ameren a light coat, but that's it. you don't need anything more. this afternoon i will shed a few layers as it will be much warmer. we have a wide range of temperatures. let's look at the numbers. 34 degrees at fort meade. 34 at stafford. those are usually the cooler readings. gainesville, 43. our forecast, a lot of sunshine, increasing clouds later this afternoon and evening, highs in the upper 60's, that's normal. rain showers by tomorrow. >> normal for this time of mourning. heavier volume of traffic is what we have on 95, 66, and southbound 270. there's a brief delay in manassas on centreville in 66 -- on 66. looks good across the roosevelt bridge. nothing on 95. out of fredericksburg to get to springfield. traffic on 95. northbound moving at speed heading into springfield all the way to the pentagon is good. back to you. >> 50 degrees in roslyn. >> coming up, kids and sell phones. a new poll shows some of them don't put them down even when they are sleeping. >> washinton makes progress on financial
. in other news, one week after the explosion at a west virginia coal mine, the last of the bodies are now being recovered. now the focus is shifting to how the disaster happened and who might be to blame. jim axelrod is in charleston, west virginia. >> reporter: at a memorial this afternoon, west virginia's governor tried to soothe the spirits broken by the nation's deadliest mining disaster in 40 years. >> when someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure. we have 29 treasures. 29 treasures. >> reporter: an army of pastors has been busy at church as much ass and funerals across the state since saturday morning when west virginia's worst fears were confirmed and the last four missing miners were found dead. >> we did not receive the miracle that we prayed for. >> reporter: it turns out rescue workers had walked right past three of the four missing miners' bodies in their very first trip into the mine, right after the explosion a week ago. >> there was so much smoke and the conditions were so dire at that time with dust in the air that they apparently bypassed the three
bill. >>> virginia is for business. defense contractor northrop grumman will announce today it's coming to virginia. >>> it's opening day for an $8 million park near national stadium. the park is named for a 19-year-old murder victim who during his life worked to clean up the neighborhood. >>> news 4 midday begins right now. >>> good morning and welcome everyone to news 4 midday. it's tuesday, april 27th, 2010. health care reform may now be law, but some people with disabilities say lawmakers overlooked them when they passed the historic legislation. now they're in washington and taking their message to house speaker nancy pelosi. tracee wilkins is live in northwest washington. >> reporter: protesters were right outside of the hilton just a little while ago. they have moved on down connecticut avenue. things are back to normal here. today they were here sending a national message. that being disabled shouldn't equal being institutionalized. their early morning arrival caused some traffic backups downtown as more than 300 disabled protesters made their way up pennsylvania avenue. >> keep
of virginia under a freeze warning from 1:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. on monday. i know the growing season is already started in these areas. so definitely not good news for the vegetation and the plants out there. and we have a frost advisory as well. just to the west of the metro area for prince william county, loudoun included in this as well and this is also from 1:00 a.m. until 8:00 a.m. on monday morning where we're going for see our temperatures just dip way down into the 30s. and with clear skies from a ridge of high pressure and light winds, we're looking at patchy frost through these areas as well so do take heed. tomorrow morning will be brisk and on the chilly side. today highs some 8 to 10 degrees cooler than we should have been. we'll be warmer tomorrow, however. but as we start out the day, you're really going to feel the chill of things. make sure the kids heading out are dressed warm in the morning. 48 degrees at dulles. 46 degrees at baltimore. up the mid-atlantic temperatures in the 40s and 50s as well. we have clear skies as a ridge of high pressure continues to build in. our over
richmond, virginia. height grew up to become a founding matriarch of the american civil rights movement. her crusade for racial justice and gender equality spanned more than six decades. dorothy height was 98 years old when she died overnight tha s kt perse. >> she was spiritually mature enough not to hold grudges. and not to hold anger. but to keep on pushing until men got the idea. they did. >> reporter: howard university hospital says dr. height passed away at 3:41 this morning from natural causes. but at age 98 those close to dr. height say she lived a full life never letting obstacles stand in her way. >> she spoke for women and if people remember she was part of what they called part of the big six. five men and dr. height. her presence said to us that we could be wherever we wanted to be. >> reporter: it was our mission to bring women to the forefront of american society. for 40 years she served as the president of the national council of negro women. she was a key figure in desegregating schools and voting rights and received the highest award for a civilian, presidenti
. >>> virginia marked the start of the week with a number of events across the state. governor bob mcdonald said he is moving forward with efforts to conserve 400,000 of open space helping to protect the chesapeake pay and stake virginia as a green job zone. the republican leader is urging state residents to join him in conserving. >> what a change this past weekend. we were freezing at a baseball game yesterday the wind doesn't help. that's what made it uncomfortable. in the sun out of the wind would have been okay. milder tomorrow. you're going to like that. >> we're looking at a midweek storm system. we'll talk more about that. we're in pretty good shape tonight and tomorrow. here's your forecast first. the next three days sunshine tomorrow. maybe not as crystal clear as today. and rain and showers develop on wednesday. low 60s and back to sunshine on thursday with temperatures in the mid-60s. tonight look for clear skies and chilly. low temperatures 39 to 49. winds out of the north at about 10:00 and so the winds aren't going to become much a factor after the sun goes down. we're looking at
to talk with bill nye, the science guy. >>> american's rights to carry their guns. in virginia, they're showing up in a national park, packing heat, legally. as a result of president obama signing a law to allow visitors to carry weapons in national parks. in washington, d.c., they're showing up without guns. they can't carry firearms in the city limits, but they want to change that. >> reporter: we have a protest where people are allowed to carry guns. here in the district where they have stricter gun laws, they can't. as for a noontime rally, it's a pretty good sized gathering. several hundred people. many from around the country coming here to send a message that they're not going to allow their rights to be taken away and that they're going to exercise their rights to free speech. across the river in virginia, people are carrying firearms, but are being very safe about it. they are going through inspections and have to put little plastic tags on their firearms to show whether they're loaded. they're carrying arm bands to show they've taken safety lessons. these advocates say they
. >> the plan is to make america less dependent on foreign oil. president says virginia will be the first atlantic seaboard statelingible to resume drilling for oil and natural gas. the virginia governor says that decision is a positive step in energy exploration. >> a year ago, when i was just a candidate for govenor, i talked about a vision of having virginia be the energy capital of the east coast and it would take a comprehensive approach to energy development. >> environmental groups are opposed to mri oil platforms off of the coast. >> coming up next, supporters say it is a simple safety move. opponents say it is meant to force immigrants off the road. >> talking about what big change that could be coming to the weight one state gives its driver's license tests. >>> five d.c. men arrested for plotting a terror attack. they take another step toward learning their fate. ñ'ñ'ññoç÷]]óéñ÷÷ññóÑ,ñnn ?y;p;p/0ñññ÷÷qqaaaek]]suwwqukkksggokjÑ=;vjÑ3ñçogñgñgÑÑç??oóco!%%áh÷pñpñhñx÷x÷xñx÷0ñ ñ ñ'ñ ?p?p?p?p?p?p?p/p/p?p/p/pó
safety troubles. now the heads of d.c. maryland and virginia are teaming up to personal ek get metro back on track. >> as almost everyone knows metro rail has had a terrible year. a fatal crash, work accident and derailments, federal regulators have put metro under the microscope and now there's a hen proposal for even more oversight. the governors of virginia and maryland and the mayor of d.c. spent much of an hour discussion metro state of issues and agreeing they want to personally intervene. >> we feel that changes must be made. we need to have more ability to have accountability in that system. >> reporter: the board that oversees metro is selected in different ways. in maryland the governor appoints. in d.c. the mayor appoints half, the city council appoints half. in virginia, the governor has no say. local board members are appointed by the various virginia cities and counties that metro runs in. these three executives want more power over the metro board. >> it's time to be a little bit more hands on and we'll be working to either legislate it or -- >> reporter: the three executiv
by the soviet secret police. heart break in west virginia, the four missing west virginia coal miners have been found dead deep inside the mine, shattered by a powerful explosion on monday. their debt bringing the total killed by that blast 29, making this the worst u.s. coal mining disaster since 1970. we'll have much more on the developing story in our next news break. back to bulls and bears. >> brenda: buy health insurance or lose the tax refund. the irs boss saying his agency has the power to do it. if you disowe bare the health care law, we've been worrying about these in the law. >> a lot of stuff is coming out after the thing is passed and sure enough. now we find out that the irs is going to be empower today make sure we comply with health insurance, if we don't they can fine you $750 or 2% of the income. if you don't pay they'll take out of the refund and god forbid you don't have a refund and still don't want to pay, put you in jail. this stuff is ridiculous, heavy hand of the law looking over your shoulder. >> brenda: who else to do it, the irs. we are a nation of laws and regulatio
in virginia. >> there are more amazing stories of survival after a deadly earthquake in china. >> a crash killed two local teenagers. we'll find out how it might have been prevented. >> and d.c.'s most famous family-owned restaurant could be on the verge of making a major change. >> temperatures this week, we'll be hanging out in the 60s. not bad. i'll tell you about a little bit of rain coming our way for next week. >>> bruce allen talking redskins draft strategy. denny hamlin likes to race on monday. plus, who's going to start in goal for the capitals tonight? we're going to have a presure from montreal coming up when somewhere in america... there's a home by the sea powered by the wind on the plains. there's a hospital where technology has a healing touch. there's a factory giving old industries new life. and there's a train that got a whole city moving again. somewhere in america, the toughest questions are answered every day. because somewhere in america, more than sixty thousand people spend every day answering them. siemens. answers. >>> it was on this day in 1993 the branch davidi
, virginia, 49 degrees. baltimore is at 51. hagerstown, 48. and in culpeper it is 43 degrees at this hour. here is what we're looking at for today. partly sunny skies, temperature right around normal. our average high for today 69 degrees. we're looking for a high of about 70 degrees today so not bad. i'll give you details about the weekend and when we expect to see rain showers and thunderstorms coming up in just a little bit. right now let's get a check on traffic with lauren demarco. i'll do the weather and you can do the traffic. >>> things looking good in montgomery county. earlier there were delays out of frederick, things looking better there but we still do have delays with volume past germantown. we have this heavy volume through silver spring on the outer loop. we had reports of an accident on new hampshire avenue. nothing checked out there. your travel lanes should be open, just volume delays leaving college park through silver spring. also watch for an accident southbound georgia avenue leaving the beltway and delays southbound connecticut as well as you leave the beltway. and
accepted this invitation and am very grateful to virginia but what they don't know is i am mostly accepted the invitation because it gives me an opportunity too actually interact with cornel west who is so big and busy that he is not sufficiently available so here we are thrown together into this conversation but in all seriousness i think one of the things that is wonderful about the gathering is it allows us to consider people who are behind bars and to acknowledge them not only as a part of our humanity but also their membership of our social body. the book that is celebrated today "jailhouse lawyers" is a vote of addition to a growing literature that makes clear there is firebrand life behind bars. not solely in violence exploitive programs you may have seen on television but the act that we have deliberately as a society made of intellectually able individuals who toil and trouble under difficult circumstances to prove they are human. and before we go on to the larger subject i realize mumia abu-jamal was the subject of the conversation but as a social anthropologist at princeton let
and they gathered on this night in woodbridge, madonna for the -- woodbridge, virginia for the all madonna episode. >> reporter: it's the first episode to be deld indicated entirely to -- dedicate entirely to one artist. the power of madonna is winning over these glee fans. >> my daughter sings in a glee club at wood bridge high school. a lot of friends enjoyed the show and i got on the bandwagon and we've had a lot of fun watching it. >> a bunch of young folks coming together doing positive things with a positive image in front of them goes a long way too. >> reporter: heather entered a contest on the glee page and won. >> we have glee popcorn which we haven't popped yet and a glee cooler. >> reporter: some of the younger fans in the mix are flee club members themselves. they're part of the woodbridge singers at woodbridge high school. >> now that the glee show is on, people want to like pursue like choir stuff. oh, this is so cool. >> then you know your love is real. >> reporter: but the singing and enthusiasm is catching on with fans of all ages. >> i'm from ohio and the school mckinly high sch
morning. welcome back. i'm adam caskey outside the virginia square metro station. it's not a bad day in the beltway. we have some cooler outlying areas. it's 51 degrees right here. in stafford it's in the upper 30's. this is a popular family, looking east from chesapeake beach over the chesapeake bay, a few clouds in the sky. clouds will increase throughout the midday and afternoon. 49 in chesapeake beach. today will be seasonable with highs in the upper 60's. morning sunshine gives way to midday clouds. gentle rain showers tomorrow. scattered, light rain. the weekend looks unsettled with cloudy skies and rain off and on. >> metrorail started the morning with emergency track maintenance for red line customers. however, they are reporting that track minutes is complete. no longer any delays expected according to metrorail along the red line. let's take you to newschopper 7. this is traffic leaving lake ridge. 95 lanes are open. its normal volume growing on 95 in prince william and in springfield. >> the capitals have taken a lead in the playoff series with montreal. it was a decision
more ran from virginia. go. >> congressman more ran. >> yes. jason mater are a from virginia. >> big fan, 12th district of virginia. >> good. >> we got $2 million of stimulus money. >> yeah. >> so i wanted to thank you about that. >> that's good. >> even though the state of virginia says the 12th district does not exist. >> yeah. >> it was one of those bogus districts that didn't get any money. look, look. i have got something else to do. don't, that's really inappropriate for you to pull -- i understand i have got other things to do. >> are you apologetic at all that you are wasting taxpayer dollars with billions of stimulus package? supposed to create 3 million jobs. supposed to create 3 million jobs. you lost 3 million jobs. >> show some respect. >> bill: that reminded me of the jim bunning interview when the guys -- got him in the elevator and he was saying look, show some respect. how do you reply? >> listen, barack obama and his bevy of czars have piled up more debt with the first period of his administration that george w. bush spent in eight years. this fiscal time bomb is wa
review of the explosion that killed 29 west virginia miners last week makes it clear there are safety problems throughout the coal industry. the president is ordering federal regulators to work closely with state officials to prevent another tragedy underground. >> this isn't just about a single mine. it's about all of our mines. the safety record at the massey upper big branch mine was trouble. and it's clear that while there are many responsible companies, far too many -- far too many mines aren't doing enough to protect their workers' safety. >> now, at the moment, the president is on his way to kennedy space center. he might not get a real warm welcome there. he'll brief nasa workers on his policy on space flight, which includes to much dismay of some people, his decision to cancel a return to the moon. the plan does include building a new space capsule for use at the international space station, and developing a new generation of rockets for future trips to mars. >> i know you're looking at this going, what is wrong with people? well, web fans think this guy is top dog. what does
of the hour, we have another fox news alert for you. they are hoping for the very, very best in west virginia this morning where four miners are still missing. crews are drilling bore holes in the mountain trying to ventilate it. get the noxious gases out, holding out hope that four guys are still alive much at least 25 are dead. steve centanni is live in west virginia with the latest. it's a race against time. i understand they have four days worth of oxygen down there and they want to get the bore holes in within the next day. >> that's right. we expect to see some progress on that today. they're drilling the bore holes in a very rough terrain on the side of a mountain really where they had to go in with bulldozers and make a road to make a flat -- platform where they could put the drill rig and drop it down 1100 feet into solid earth way deep into the mine where the miners are trapped. now, we don't know if any of those four unaccounted for are still alive. that's the big question mark. that's where they're dropping the ventilation shafts to clear the air so the crews can go in there. we
of confidence in the police, they say they just need help. >>> thousands of people gathered in west virginia yesterday to pay tribute to 29 coal miners killed in that explosion earlier this month. president obama promised their families that he would honor their sacrifice by improving safety in the mines. rachel martin has more. >> reporter: 29 crosses, 29 lights, commemorating 29 lives lost and remembered. ♪ stand by me >> reporter: both the president and vice president traveled to beckley, west virginia, to pay tribute to the miners lost in the april 5th tragedy. in a community service full of memories and music. ♪ o say can you see >> all that hard work, all that hardship, all the time spent underground, it was all for the families. and so these miners lived as they died. in pursuit of the american dream. >> reporter: hundreds of people have come here looking for words of comfort from the president. mostly they have come to comfort each other and to share their own stories of loss. jean cook lost her nephew adam morgan in the mine and pays tribute to him in her own way. >> how old was
of those districts. john spratt has been forever in south carolina. in west virginia 1, there is william monahan. hopefully, we will get them -- we will get rid of them before november and not in november. we have two of the most obnoxious members of the congress. one person who has been particularly hostile to the tea party of movement is a freshman and a republican in this district is alan grayson in florida. [applause] since most of us are legally qualified to vote in nevada because we have been there so much, we have met a fabulous candidates, a doctor in nevada, who is running in nevada 3. we are really proud to endorse dr. joe hecht for congress. [applause] our final target list is another virginia race. the gerry connolly seems to find troubling replace he turns. it would be good to change the ethics of the 11th congressional district of virginia. [applause] as i said earlier, we have to remember to reward our friends who we have endorsed. republicans who have stood for the tea party movement from the beginning, tom mcclintock in california 4 and the representative from georgia 6.
for change following last week's deadly mine explosion. as you know, 29 west virginia miners were killed in the horrible blast. today the president called for immediate action to prevent the tragedy from happening again. jennifer davis has more details. >> reporter: president barack obama is ordering immediate inspections of all u.s. mines with troubling track records after receiving a report about last week's deadly explosion in west virginia. >> this isn't just about a single mine. this is about all of our mines. >> reporter: the massey energy company owns the mine where the explosion occurred. company officials say they have above average safety record but this new record calls their safety record deeply troubling. >> safety masters like massey have been able to put their bottom line above the safety of their workers, filing appeals instead of fixing safety problems. >> reporter: plenty of companies are running responsible mines, far too many are not. inspectors and enforcement will be dispatched to the most problematic mines. >> when my boys go to
-out" clauses. and virginia has already passed one. because of that, virginia's attorney general-- republican ken cuccinnelli-- has filed a separate lawsuit against the federal government. >> i'm doing exactly what i said i was going to do when i ran for office and i got more votes then anybody running for attorney general in virginia history. people of virginia knew what they where getting when they elected me. >> woodruff: when president lyndon johnson signed medicare into law 45 years ago, it, too, ran into opposition from the states. in some cases, because it required racial integration of publicly funded hospitals. those challenges failed, and many legal scholars say this new batch of state lawsuits will fare no better. and at the white house, presidential aides maintain none of the cases bears any legal merit. >> i think that for many decades, the supreme court has recognized congress authority under the commerce clause to regulate activities relating to interstate commerce. my advice from counsel is that we'll win these, we'll win these lawsuits. >> woodruff: there's also push- back fr
our thoughts and prayers with everyone in west virginia and beyond. now you know the news. thanks for trusting us for it. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> you work for us. you work for us. you work for us. [cheers] >> bill: new poll says most tea party supporters are not republican. so why is the media continuing to paint the group as far right? juan williams, mary mary katharine ham and bernie goldberg will weigh in. >> i find it insulting to all the other soldiers that have died. i find it insulting to the families. >> bill: support for the schneider family against snyder family against the westboro baptist church loons. ann coulter on that. >> i have lied and deceived a lot of people. >> bill: tiger woods holds a press conference at the augusta masters tournament. we will show you the low light. >> that's personal. >> bill: you have entered the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the tea party and media corruption. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. ever since the tea
of budget cuts. 90% of road maintenance funding has been cut. virginia lawmakers have made cuts to education, public safety, and health care. >>> gun rights supporters will hold two demonstrations today. the second amendment march will take place at the washington monument and dozens of people armed with weapons will gather at a park in virginia. we will be back with another news update at 7:56. for continuous news coverage, tune in to our sister station, news channel 8. doug mcelway, alison starling, and meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather. people know a lot about kim. they know she does her own make up. ♪ she can not set up a music stand... oh, they know that she always forgets where she puts her "magic wand"... but when she finds it, she makes magic happen. ♪ [ kim ] people know a lot of things about me, but no one needs to know about my condition. and thanks to depend®, they don't. [ female announcer ] now the best protection also comes in new prints and colors. >>> 3-d movies are all the rage right now. "how to train your dragon" took the box office this weekend. could the n
,000 people who traveled to virginia for his memorial service last night. later, more accounts from his students and how much he was loved by that school. >> it's just so sad what's happened to him. hopefully they'll get to the bottom of this. thank you. >> sure. >>> facebook, oh, it's changed the way people communicate nowadays hasn't it? now it wants to change your entire internet experience. big changes go into effect today and jennifer westhoven is looking out for you. what are they doing now? >> it's going to roll out it sounds like over a few months so you might not see it immediately today but basically what they're doing is taking your facebook experience and moving it outside the actual facebook website so you'll see it on other websites, like the "new york times," espn, our sister network, cnn, so if you use facebook, it's going to track the websites that you visit, and new stories that you read. so that you would see what your friends are reading, and guess what? they will see what you are reading, too, if you're on some of those sites out there. >>> taking a look at family f
>>> good morning. breaking news. another major setback at that west virginia mine. a fire has forced rescue teams to pull back again. we are live at the scene. >>> murder in paradise. a producer of the hit reality show "survivor" questioned and released overnight over his wife's brutal murder in cancun, mexico. why aren't police letting him leave the country? >>> and tiger roars again. tiger woods achieves a personal best opening round at the masters and is just two shots off the lead. but what did he think of those planes circling above with messages about his scandal? what he has to say about that, "today," friday, april 9th, 2010. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> welcome to "today" on this friday morning. i'm meredith vieira. >> i'm ann curry in for matt this morning. >>> there's been devastating news this morning for those families of those four missing miners because rescue workers on their second attempt to get to those missing miners were forced to leave because of a smoke from a fire inside the mine. >> before they did leave they check one more rescue
might get a better connection. chantilly, virginia, you are on. >> caller: can you hear me. >> host: mute your television and radio. >> caller: it is muted. good morning, america, mr. quaid, dr. denham. i have, you know, i certainly advocate the utilization of bedside bar-coding but about five years ago i was involved in a car accident and i was taken to one of the most prominent hospitals in the district and what happened was, after, receiving surgery and all that good stuff, i remember waking up in the morning, and just feeling very light-headed. and i had been administered heparin but i recall, lifting my bedsheets and being in a pool of my own blood. now, what ended up happening was, i had lost 75% of my blood because someone, excuse me, forgot to do a blood count. now, i don't know if i was given too much heparin or if it is just based on human error. i eventually, spoken with the doctor who was supposed to do the blood count but, regardless, nonetheless i feel like i really haven't explored the, like courses of action, viewed my options, you know, -- >> a portion of this morni
're stuck in the middle because of what's going on. it's been especially hard for one virginia couple stuck in amsterdam. they have four kids under the age of 9 years old and all at home waiting for mom and dad to get there. >> reporter: what was supposed to be a few days in europe to visit family is now going on two weeks. sadness, separation and a lot of internet skyping for the pattersons of midlothian. parents jen and steve are among millions stranded. >> our flight tomorrow is canceled because the stuff in the air is too dangerous. >> i'm dying to see you guys. this is the hardest thing mommy has ever done. you are the bravest kids in the world. i love you so much. i know that you're being so loved and taken care of there. >> reporter: a grandmother had been watching the children. >> mommy is making a funny face. can you make a funny face to mommy? >> reporter: now friends are pitching in. >> the kids run out today after your mom gets here and john will moe the grass. >> how is it looking? >> a little rough. >> reporter: even rougher for them, the anxiety of being apart. the family spe
me give you a check of the top stories here at cnn. president obama travels to west virginia this weekend to deliver the eulogy at a memorial service for 29 miners killed this month. explosion at the upper big branch mine was the worst u.s. coal mine disaster in four decades. since then mr. billiobama calle more oversight. >>> 8-1 vote, struck down a law banning videos that shows violate to animals. it showed pit bulls attacking other animals. the humane society says it will ask congress to adopt another ban on sale of such videos. >>> kurdistan's president fled the capital after violent protests earlier this month. the president of belarus says he and his family are now under his personal protection. those now in charge in kurdistan says if he returns they'll throw it in jail. >>> coming up, is the worst of the volcanic ash mess over or the volcanic ash mess over or only started? [ male announcer ] competition... >>> parents, check your kids' candy and i putting the word candy in quotes. researchers say your kids can get nicotine poisoning from tobacco products that look lik
the end of the month. well, for example, one couple from virginia was in europe. what was supposed to be just a few days, but now that's turned into two weeks. >> our flight tomorrow was canceled. >> oh. >> so because the stuff in the air is just too dangerous. >> i am just dying to see you guys. this is the hardest thing mommy's ever done. you guys are the bravest kids in the world. i love you so much. >> love you, too. >> you're just so loved and being taken care of there. >> aw, see those little faces looking at their mom and dad on skype. well, the weather is constantly changing the amount of ash that's concentrated over europe's flight paths. let's go to meteorologist bonnie schneider in for bob this morning for a little more on that angle of the story. what do you think? >> robin, i think that it looks better today than it did saturday and sunday. here's why. looking at our flight explorer across much of europe, what you're seeing are these blue xs. that's where we have transponders not picking up any activity. where you see the yellow planes, that's where we are seeing activ
is quintessentially american. those individuals were demonstrating in washington and virginia. pro-gun rallies by people who fear their second amendment rights are being taken away or threatened. a lot of people are upset with the government, nothing wrong with that. there are a few fringe groups whose views have become alarming to washington. the question is, are they a real threat? up close tonight, here's more. >> reporter: not far from the texas capital, down a dim staircase, is one of the new faces of a political movement coming to a boil. 9/11, government conspiracy? >> i don't know, but everyone should question it. >> obama, born or not born in the u.s.? >> i don't know that but we should question that, too. >> reporter: we met katherine in this bookstore, brave new books, where this leader of the liberty restoration project tries to explain her anti-war, pro-community garden, and extremely anti-obama conservative movement. are you necessarily anti-government? >> no, i am anti-coercion and i'm anti-force. so i believe any sort of government should be consensual. >> reporter: she believe
. three federal judges in virginia then overturned the entire verdict saying the vicious protesters have a right to spree speech. then, incredibly, the judges hurt the snyder's even more, awarding the westboro cranks court costs meaning the snyder family has to pay more than $16,000 to their persecutors. i said that's grossly injust and i will pay the sanction. appearing on good morning america today, mr. snyder addressed the freedom of speech issue. >> i find it insulting to all the other soldiers that have died. i find it insulting to the families. i find it insulting to the military and to the veterans. it's just -- some people have died in this country throughout our history to preserve such a precious right and to have a group of 80 people destroy it and mock it the way they are, it's a crime. it was just a nightmare. they position themselves about 30 feet from the main entrance of the church. and they held signs that said god hates you. you are in hell. semper phi fags. >> bill: i spoke on gma saying that the judges are wrong and cruel to boot and we will assist the snyder family a
because we've had a beautiful day but showers are already starting to sneak into southwestern virginia. nothing to worry about tonight. nice and dry but i'll let you know when the showers will roll into town and things are looking. fox 5 news at 6:00 will be right back. - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected. but now it can make you more connected to your doctor through e-mail. test results from home. check records. change appointments. now doctors, nurses, techs, pharmacists are all digitally connected to each other. and ultimately connected to you. at kaiser permanente, we believe that if knowledge is power, shared knowledge is even more powerful. kaiser permanente. thrive. >>> israel celebrating its independence day. 62ped anniversary of the founding of the jewish state according to the hebrew calendar. the president and prime minister hosted ceremonies for soldiers and veterans. >>> iran's nuclear ambitions certainly a threat to israel but a new report by the department of defense finds that iran could develop a missle capable of reaching the united st
effort at the upper big branch mine in raleigh county, west virginia, is complete. overnight crews removed the last nine bodies of the coal miners who died last week in the massive underground blast. investigators will try to determine what sparked that tragedy. later this hour we'll talk to one miner's widow who says she doesn't want her son to follow in her husband's fatal footsteps. >>> one person thought to be lost in a crash in a navy training plane. two other people in the plane died in the crash. investigators are expected to arrive at the scene today. that plane took off from the naval air station in pensacola a florida, on what's believed to be a routine training mission. >>> new division within the ranks of catholic clergymen with one outspoken pastor taking an extreme position regarding the ongoing priest sex abuse scandal. he's suggesting that the pope should step aside. father james cahill in his own words. >> to not have myopic obedience from me like the myopic obedience of soldiers for hitler, and yet this church has remained patently silent about this. the pope shou
book tv from the virginia festival of the books, >> a group of holocaust survivors read from the letters and diary entries. the u.s. holocaust memorial museum here in washington is the host of this two-hour talk. >> good afternoon and welcome to today's program, "jewish responses to persecution, volume i, 1933-1938". which is organized by the museum center for advanced holocaust studies. my name is robert and i director of university programs here at the center. to learn more about the activities including the centers, please take advantage of the mature is available in books for sale outside the theater. in 2003 the center and doctorate its jewish study initiative. this effort aims to finally change the way in which the holocaust is dented, todd and ultimately understood that by focusing attention on the survival and study of jewish source materials, and activities during the nokia, as well as remarkable efforts to rebuild the jewish world after the war, this addition of attempts with the study of jewish life. during and immediately following the period of the assault. this
the virginia festival of the book, rebecca on the best selling immortal life of henry and not wax. on afterwards president reagan's ambassador to the ussr and mchale gorbachev's role in bringing down the soviet empire. his book is superpower in the visions and nell irvin painter on inventing the idea of a white race in the history of white people. find the entire weekend schedule that and follow us on twitter. >> from the 2010 festival of books lynne olsen discusses her book citizens of london. the americans who stood with britain in its darkest, finest hour. the professor of journalism at the university of arizona is the moderator of the event. >> my name is lord rosenblum. welcome to the second annual tucson festival of books on this fabulous day. it is only march and it is not yet 130 degrees. i grew up here. i love it. i want to say something about -- i want to thank the judge for making this possible and the want to add my appreciation for all the work behind this amazing festival. if anyone thinks books are dying just look at the mobs outside. any cellphone that r
a full recovery. >>> family and friends are mourning the loss of a student from front royal, virginia. 18-year-old joshua died after being shot at a party near texas southern university in houston where he was a freshman. police are still looking for the shootner this case. >> a local communityç')jr' mourning today after two teenagers were killed in an assistant. the van they were in hit a tree. both teens later tied from their injuries.xd . >>> gun activists say they need to remind the government that they have a constitutional right to bear arms. they held rallies today in washington and nourn virginia to protest what they describe as the government's intent to take away their firearms and their rights. at one event,Ñi participants brought guns to emphasize their point. here's news 4's brian mooar. >> reporter: not far from the u.s. capitol, two rallies, and one message by supporters of gun rights to their government. >> we have the first and second amendment right for a reason and we're not afraid to exercise them. >> reporter: in washington a series of speeches. >> just across the r
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